Comprehensive business accounting services.

Drowning in intricate tax codes and shifting regulations? We partner closely with businesses, delivering impeccable records, strategic budgets, and flawless financial reports to transform your accounting experience.

Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisors

As Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisors and Peachtree experts, we have the experience and the expertise to get your books in order, and help you keep them that way.

Are the numbers giving you constant headaches?

For many business owners, accounting feels like navigating through a dense fog. The numbers can be baffling, making it hard to determine profitability from loss. And every hour spent trying to untangle these complexities is an hour taken away from core business activities.

Add compliance regulations and laws that seem to be in perpetual flux to the mix, and it all quickly becomes too much for business owners to handle themselves. The numbers maze demands attention and expertise to prevent costly oversights.

This overwhelming combination of tasks often detracts from the primary goal: business growth. At Tavola Group, we’re dedicated to lighting the path for a clearer journey moving forward.

Leverage Tavola Group's extensive accounting expertise.

Our expert CPAs get nerdy with the numbers so you don't have to.

At Tavola Group, we take the weight off your shoulders. With precise recordkeeping and clear financial reports, we’ve got the numbers covered. Stay ahead with our up-to-date knowledge of rules and regulations. Dive into what you love, and drive your business forward while we ensure everything adds up perfectly.

Business accounting services.

Tavola Group offers comprehensive accounting solutions, from tidying financial records and meticulous bookkeeping to streamlined payroll and sales tax management. Our detailed financial reports and strategic business advice empower informed decision-making. We also handle expense reporting and collections and provide expert training, ensuring your business’s finances are robust and transparent.

Cleanup & catchup

Stay organized and compliant with our cleanup and catchup services. We’ll tidy up your financial records, addressing overdue tasks to ensure you’re accurate and up-to-date.


Trust in our thorough bookkeeping services. We prioritize accuracy, ensuring every financial transaction is meticulously recorded and well-organized.


Simplify your payroll processes. We handle employee compensation, deductions, and tax matters, lightening your administrative load.

Sales tax

Navigate sales tax with ease. We manage calculations, reporting, and ensure you’re always compliant, warding off potential tax complications.

Financial reporting

Gain clarity on your financial health. We produce detailed financial reports, offering insights into your performance and ensuring you meet regulatory standards.

Business management

Chart your growth path with our financial management advice. We’re here to help you make decisions that propel your business towards its goals.

AR/AP/Training/ Controller

Experience comprehensive financial support. From managing incoming and outgoing finances to training in best practices and offering expert controller oversight, we’ve got you covered.

Expense reporting

Maintain a clear view of your outgoings. Our expense reporting services ensure you have both transparency and a firm grip on your spending.


Recover what’s owed to you. We facilitate collections, ensuring improved cash flow and reinforcing your business’s financial foundation.

What to expect when working with Tavola Group.

Breaking from industry conventions, we champion transparency, efficiency, and client satisfaction. With Tavola Group, experience a partnership that’s both rewarding and results-driven.

A holistic perspective.

We take a holistic view of our clients’ financial needs and goals, always considering the bigger picture.

No surprises.

We prioritize transparency and clear communication, ensuring no unpleasant surprises for our clients.

A client-centric focus.

We adopt a client-centric approach, placing our client’s needs, priorities, and success at the heart of our efforts.

See what a happy client has to say about Tavola Group.

I have no idea where I would be without them.

Prior to hiring the Tavola Group, my company’s books were in a state of disarray, and since hiring them, all systems have been functioning on all cylinders. I was quite impressed by the knowledge in resolving business questions and issues. I am feeling very safe and confident they have my best interest in mind. I have no idea where I would be without them.

Darryl Martin

CEO, Martin Branding Group Inc.

Our favorite part of working with Tavola is their expertise on the business side.

We have been using Tavola Group for our business and personal taxes for a few years. It’s nice to have a team on your side so we can focus on our business and not the day-to-day activities Tavola Group handles for us. Our favorite part of working with them is their expertise on the business side. We appreciate their work!

Heather Keller

TKG Homes LLC and Blueprint Short Sales Inc.

Tavola provide us clarity on profit margins, tax planning, and the big picture.

Tavola has been a big help in educating us more about the financials and tax implications of our business. This gives us clarity on real profit margins, tax planning, inventory, and the whole big picture. Being able to contact them and get same-day answers is invaluable.

Chris Keller

Owner, Top Shelf Breaks LLC

Tavola Group has greatly enhanced our success and profitability.

Upon switching to the Tavola Group, our accounting workflow has been reduced in office, (saving money) and the tax planning has had a significant positive financial impact.

Joe Billitteri

Real estate developer and investor

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Frequently asked questions.

Bookkeeping is primarily concerned with the recording of financial transactions. This process ensures that all sales, purchases, income, and expenditures are duly noted in a systematic manner. Proper bookkeeping is foundational to the accounting process because without accurate records, financial reporting and analysis are compromised.

  • Tools & Software: Modern bookkeepers often use software such as QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage to maintain these records.
  • Key Roles: Bookkeepers, Ledger Clerks.

Accounting, on the other hand, takes the information from bookkeeping to create reports and derive insights. Accountants interpret, classify, analyze, and report financial data to understand a company’s performance and provide strategic recommendations.

  • Tools & Software: Beyond basic bookkeeping software, accountants might use advanced ERP systems, financial modeling software, and other specialized tools.
  • Key Roles: Accountants, Financial Analysts, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

Beyond the basics of recording transactions, an accountant:

  • Analyzes Financial Performance: They can tell you how your business is performing and suggest areas for improvement.
  • Strategic Tax Planning: They understand tax laws and can strategize to ensure you pay the necessary taxes while also taking advantage of available deductions and credits.
  • Financial Forecasting: Accountants can help project future revenues, expenses, and cash flows.
  • Advice on Business Decisions: Whether you’re considering expansion, a new product line, or restructuring your business, an accountant can provide valuable input.

The right time varies, but here are more specific scenarios:

  • Business Formation: Different business structures (like sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations) have unique tax implications and financial requirements. An accountant can provide guidance on the best structure for your needs.
  • Loan Applications: If you’re applying for a business loan, you’ll likely need to present financial statements. An accountant can prepare these for you.
  • Audits: If your business gets audited by tax authorities, having an accountant can be invaluable.
  • Scaling Business: As your business grows, financial management can become more complex. An accountant can guide you through the intricacies.

Cash Accounting: Simpler of the two methods. Revenue and expenses are recorded only when money changes hands (i.e., when payment is received or expenses are paid). Suitable for small businesses.

  • Pros: Simple, direct reflection of cash in hand.
  • Cons: Doesn’t account for outstanding liabilities or expected revenue, which can distort the real financial position of a business.

Accrual Accounting: Revenue and expenses are recorded when they are earned or incurred, not necessarily when cash changes hands.

  • Pros: Gives a more accurate picture of a business’s health over the long term. Recognized as the standard for larger businesses and publicly traded companies.
  • Cons: More complex; requires tracking accounts receivable and payable.

Financial statements provide a structured representation of a company’s financial operations and standing. Key components include:

  • Income Statement (Profit and Loss Statement): Showcases a company’s revenues, expenses, and profits or losses over a specific period.
  • Balance Sheet: Displays assets (what the company owns), liabilities (what the company owes), and shareholders’ equity (owners’ stake in the company) at a specific point in time.
  • Cash Flow Statement: Chronicles the flow of cash into and out of a business, categorized into operations, investing, and financing activities.


  • Informed Decision Making: Business owners and managers can make better decisions when they understand the company’s financial health.
  • Stakeholder Confidence: Investors, lenders, and other stakeholders rely on financial statements to assess the viability and health of a business.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Publicly traded companies are required to release financial statements regularly for transparency and investor protection.

Understanding these financial nuances is not just about compliance; it’s about steering a business towards sustainable growth and profitability.

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