Onboarding with Tavola Group.

It’s a pleasure to have you on board as a valued client of Tavola Group. Our dedicated team is eager to dive in and deliver top-notch tax and accounting solutions tailored to your needs. To pave the way for a seamless collaboration and kick off our journey together, here are the important steps we’ll be taking together…

Sign your engagement agreement and payment agreement.

You will receive the documents for e-signature via email. You can also complete the ACH form available here:

Secure file sharing and information collection.

Complete our new Client Intake Form:
For Individuals
For Businesses

For the secure exchange of confidential documents and information, we use the client portal Canopy. We will provide you with login credentials and instructions on how to access and upload documents securely. To facilitate the onboarding process, we will request that you provide us with your formation documents and accounting records and accesses.

Kick-off meeting.

We’ll schedule a kick-off meeting via video call so that we can do a screenshare. Please use this Calendly link to schedule a zoom call.

We will focus on 3 goals for this call:

  1. Obtaining bank and credit card login access to all accounts.
  2. Canopy login and walkthrough — we’ll make sure you have the access you need and walk you through the basics. There’s also an app we’ll help you download.
  3. Confirm services and identify a target date for delivery of the first financials.

We've got your back.

If, like us, you believe that business is done better together, and you have challenges or questions that need answering, Tavola Group is here to provide clarity and confidence as we join you on your journey. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you.