Taking the sting out of taxes for businesses and individuals.

With our proactive approach, we aim to make taxation for businesses and individuals a little easier, and help guide your financial choices with timely accuracy and protection from any unexpected tax issues.

Tax Senior

Tax is a painful aspect of business...

Whether it’s the dread of hefty tax bills, concerns about audits, or the labyrinth of deductions and credits, the complexities seem endless. As a business owner, you may be paying too much tax or missing out on savings due to a lack of proactive tax planning. Added to this is the pressure of timely filings and handling tax implications of business investments.

Managing and paying taxes isn’t what you got into business for. Unfortunately, it’s a big part of business. That shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the day-to-day of running your business. That’s where Tavola Group comes in. Our tax specialists are ready to take the tedious tax tasks off your shoulders.

We've mastered the intricacies of tax for businesses and individuals.

Tax is our "thing", and we want you to thrive in yours.

At Tavola Group, we’re here to change the narrative. We aim to take the sting out of business and individual taxes. Our experts delve deep into the tax space to identify every credit you’re eligible for, ensuring you never overpay. With our proactive strategies, we not only minimize tax burdens but also empower you with informed financial decisions. Our commitment to accuracy and timeliness means you’ll never miss a deadline or face unexpected tax surprises.

We’ve mastered the intricacies of tax, allowing you the freedom to focus on your passion – growing your business and reaping its benefits. After all, tax is our “thing”, and we want you to thrive in yours. Let’s bring all ideas to the table and craft the best tax strategies for your success.

Business and individual tax services.

Tavola Group offers a comprehensive suite of tax services. We handle accurate tax return preparations for businesses and individuals, strategic tax planning, prompt tax notice reviews, and liaise effectively with taxing authorities. Our expertise also extends to identifying tax credits, optimizing deductions, and implementing R&D tax strategies, ensuring maximum tax benefits for you.

Federal & state tax return preparation

Accurately prepare your tax returns with us. We cater to both businesses and individuals, ensuring compliance while maximizing deductions.

Tax planning and estimation

Strategically minimize your tax liabilities with our proactive tax planning services, enabling better financial decision-making.

Tax notice review

Navigate tax notices confidently. We review and address them promptly, ensuring issues are resolved without escalation.

Taxing authority representation

Ease your interactions with taxing authorities. Let Tavola Group be your representative, ensuring clear communication and effective resolution.

Tax credits

With our expert guidance, unlock potential savings by claiming eligible tax credits, like the Research & Development Tax Credit.

Cost segregation

Enhance your cash flow with our cost segregation services, accelerating depreciation deductions and decreasing tax liabilities.

Employee Retention Tax Credit

Leverage the Employee Retention Tax Credit with our guidance, providing financial relief during tough economic periods.

R&D tax strategies

Promote innovation while reducing taxes. Our expertise in R&D tax strategies ensures businesses reap their benefits.

Repair vs. capitalization review

Optimize deductions by accurately categorizing repair and capitalization expenses, ensuring you get the most from your tax returns.

What to expect when working with Tavola Group.

Breaking from industry conventions, we champion transparency, efficiency, and client satisfaction. With Tavola Group, experience a partnership that’s both rewarding and results-driven.

A holistic perspective.

We take a holistic view of our clients’ financial needs and goals, always considering the bigger picture.

No surprises.

We prioritize transparency and clear communication, ensuring no unpleasant surprises for our clients.

A client-centric focus.

We adopt a client-centric approach, placing our client’s needs, priorities, and success at the heart of our efforts.

See what a happy client has to say about Tavola Group.

I have no idea where I would be without them.

Prior to hiring the Tavola Group, my company’s books were in a state of disarray, and since hiring them, all systems have been functioning on all cylinders. I was quite impressed by the knowledge in resolving business questions and issues. I am feeling very safe and confident they have my best interest in mind. I have no idea where I would be without them.

Darryl Martin

CEO, Martin Branding Group Inc.

Our favorite part of working with Tavola is their expertise on the business side.

We have been using Tavola Group for our business and personal taxes for a few years. It’s nice to have a team on your side so we can focus on our business and not the day-to-day activities Tavola Group handles for us. Our favorite part of working with them is their expertise on the business side. We appreciate their work!

Heather Keller

TKG Homes LLC and Blueprint Short Sales Inc.

Tavola provide us clarity on profit margins, tax planning, and the big picture.

Tavola has been a big help in educating us more about the financials and tax implications of our business. This gives us clarity on real profit margins, tax planning, inventory, and the whole big picture. Being able to contact them and get same-day answers is invaluable.

Chris Keller

Owner, Top Shelf Breaks LLC

Tavola Group has greatly enhanced our success and profitability.

Upon switching to the Tavola Group, our accounting workflow has been reduced in office, (saving money) and the tax planning has had a significant positive financial impact.

Joe Billitteri

Real estate developer and investor

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Frequently asked questions.

A tax deduction reduces the amount of income that’s subject to taxation, while a tax credit provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your actual tax liability.

Typically, businesses should file annually. However, if you have employees or operate certain types of businesses, you might need to file quarterly estimated tax payments.

Sales tax varies by state. If you sell tangible goods, you likely need to collect sales tax and remit it to the appropriate state agency. Some states also have use tax for goods purchased without sales tax.

Typically, by filling out the appropriate IRS form and attaching it to your tax return. Consult the IRS website or a tax professional for specifics.

Common triggers might include large deductions relative to income, inconsistent reporting, large cash transactions, or random selection.

The IRS generally recommends retaining records for three years from the date you filed your return. However, for some situations, like unreported income or bad debt deductions, you should keep records for seven years or more.

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